SSB projects are customized and address the entire soccer ecosystem in a specific community. We feel that making a strong and lasting impact can be best accomplished by implementing a strategy that utilizes the collective resources and efforts of a variety of specialized local and global organizations, groups and individuals working together collaboratively. 

We work with local soccer clubs, schools and other soccer-focused organizations to implement our solution for improving opportunities to play soccer. We assist with resources to improve, enhance and develop their programs. We also engage with government and community agencies to gain support and assistance with implementation of facilities and programs. 

We provide comprehensive solutions for communities: coaching & player education and opportunities, health initiatives, funding & sponsorship, marketing & promotions, special events, and general strategy and long-term support.


Coaching & Education

We work with clubs, leagues and federations as well as private organizations to provide coaching assistance, mentoring, clinics, and program development for local coaches who will work with players on a regular and long-term basis in the community. We also provide coaching tools and technology to support these organizations. Our coaches have extensive experience at youth elite levels, EPL Academies, World Cup & National Teams.



The SuperStreetBall (SSB) module is a revolutionary combination soccer (football) court and skills course, designed with two goals in mind: re-purposing under-utilized spaces into play areas and promoting street ball and free play. 


Health Initiatives

We partner with health and medical organizations to focus on addressing promoting a health through sport by selecting a health initiative to promote on for each project (childhood obesity, myopia, women's health, etc.). 


Funding & Sponsorship

We identify and connect with potential donors or sponsors or develop possible revenue streams to help fund and sustain organizations and programs utilizing our SSB facilities. 



The Soccer Fund partners with technology providers such as social networking platform soccerbook.com to enable organizations and people involved in the soccer industry and with soccer charities and initiatives to connect and share information. Other technology resources include player evaluation app TES (tes.ai) and coaching session software program SportSessionPlanner.



Ou partner organizations have access to our resources and support and our worldwide network of businesses, charities, and individuals we collaborate with in the soccer world. Our group of high-profile coaches & players are available for guest speaker appearances, coaching/educational clinics and a variety of special events. We also provide tools to connect to a greater network such as social networking platform soccerbook.com


SUPASKILLS by Craig Johnston

SUPAskills is a breakthrough in the testing and measuring of soccer skills. It was invented by Craig Johnston, former Liverpool FC midfielder. Using the Craig Johnston SUPAskills Test, players and coaches can evaluate strengths and weaknesses by focusing on the four fundamental skills of soccer: control, dribble, pass, shoot. Johnston has developed a truly fun and engaging system that provides benchmark analysis for uniform statistics. This methology turns SKILLS into SCORES into STATS with a simple formula. For the first time ever, players and coaches know exactly what skills and techniques they have at their disposal. This valuable information can be tracked over time and compared with other players to pin-point strengths and target areas that need work. Most importantly, this information can be used by players to help them truly master the game of soccer.



We help provide all types of equipment for individual players, clubs, leagues and associations. We work with manufacturers and merchandising suppliers, receive donations, and work with organizations, clubs and leagues to collect and distribute equipment.