Our goal is to encourage participation in the game at the most fundamental level: improvised play, street soccer, small sided games. We believe that this is where children begin to develop their true interest and fascination for the game, and this is also what brings generations and communities together. 

The Soccer Fund promotes the game and the values of sport through the implementation of our SuperStreetBall (SSB) modular facilities that re-purpose under-utilized small spaces in communities that want to use soccer as a vehicle for social good. 

We then help communities to maximize the positive impact of these facilities by offering supplementary programs, initiatives and resources through collaborative efforts with organizations and individuals with synergistic objectives for more effective implementation and long-term sustainability.


"Transforming Spaces into Places to Play"

The SuperStreetBall (SSB) module is a revolutionary combination soccer (football) court and skills course, designed with two goals in mind: re-purposing under-utilized spaces into play areas and promoting street ball and free play.


Generating Interest in the Game

SSB brings creativity, spontaneity and fun back into sport and play by encouraging children to participate in improvised small-sided games (“street ball”), engage in unstructured free play, enjoy the excitement of game competition, and explore and learn skills through self-practice. 


Improving Accessibility

SSB modules will be installed in multiple locations within a target community or city, and for two types of uses: for clubs, schools and organizations to run soccer teaching programs and incorporate soccer into their curriculum; and for public use in common areas.


Engaging the Community

Placing SSB modules in strategic locations near community gathering places, schools and public areas ensures that there is a high amount of foot traffic, visibility, and easy accessibility. An SSB can become a focal point of the community, generating excitement and attracting spectators, which can make street soccer even more exciting and fun. Each SSB initiative will be supported by local organizations and individuals. A 'SuperStreetBall Games' competition and event will be designed and held to promote street ball and the facility.


Providing Opportunities for Girls

One of the key goals of SSB is providing more facilities for girls to play soccer. We aim to involve more girls in soccer, starting in schools and at the grassroots level. Soccer can serve as an incredible tool to help teach many valuable lessons, leadership skills and help empower and positively influence the lives of young women. 


Partnering with SUPAskills by Craig Johnston

The Soccer Fund works with partner SUPAskills (a skills training system & technology invented by former Liverpool FC player Craig Johnston) to promote the principles of 'street soccer' and self-directed training. A key component of our SSB facilities is the SUPAskills-inspired skills course, which helps players hone their technical skills and practice the fundamentals of the game in a fun and exciting way. A SUPAskills event (skills competition, games & festival) will be held locally and regionally to promote SSB and street soccer. This will incentivize players to use SSB facilities to practice and prepare for the SUPAskills competition. 

Everything I have achieved in football is due to playing football in the streets with my friends  - Zinedine Zidane